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Back To School Bash Event Summary

“Something better is on the Way!” Hebrews 11:40, which was our theme for a week of warfare prayer. The dynamics speakers were Pastor Jubenson Jean-Jacques from Miami, FL, Pastor Isaac Petit Frere from Fort Lauderdale, FL and Pastor Demarlo McKinney from West Palm Beach, FL. This year’s Back To School Bash was a week of worship, warfare, revelation, battle, restoration, and regeneration. Powerful messages were preaching; some of the key points were:

  • Prayer is not a prayer until God speaks back.

  • Prayer is necessary because God speaks, and reveals his secrets on prayer.

  • Your relationship with God is every second, every day.

  • Your public ministry is a product of your private relationship with God.

  • The voice of God is always speaking but we are not always listening.

  • Do not forget to do what you were created to do.

  • Without Faith it is impossible to achieve anything.

The speakers urge us to live a life of better, a better home, a better job, a better vision, a better person, a better relationship with God, and a better future. If you missed any day of that revival, I can guaranty you for sure you missed something better. The youth and the Church were blessed by the speakers of God. The Holy Spirit was moving; the atmosphere was full of presence of God. The Church changed to a better place, not one of us was left out. If you were not there, you don’t have to feel any regrets. The whole week is posted on our website (Click here), or on our YouTube page. Something better is on the way for you. Receive it and stay in prayer because God is always speaking.

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