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Jeremiah, What Do You See?

Reference: Jeremiah 1:11

WHAT DO YOU SEE? This message is so powerful with just one simple question with four simple words, Rev. Wilner Prudent lead by the Holy Spirit is pushed to asked the people of God WHAT DO THEY SEE? Just as God ask Jeremiah, God is speaking to us so we may open our eyes and see farther than our natural eyes.

When you look at yourself in the mirror WHAT DO YOU SEE? Do you see a prophet, a pastor, a business man or woman, do you see farther than the natural eye? Yes sometimes it will be hard to see farther than the natural because of our obstacles in life, but we must be able to climb our mountains, and walk through our storms to see what God has called us to be or to see what God has in store for us.

Remember overcoming the mountains and storms just makes us stronger and ready for what we have our eyes focused on. So again people of God, God is asking you WHAT DO YOU SEE?!

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